Functional Medicine

functional medicine

Ok, so here you are, you don’t feel well, you take pill after pill and see doctor after doctor and you just end up getting sicker by the year. Maybe the treatments are slowing down the progress of your disease or maybe they’re taking care of your symptoms now in exchange for different symptoms down the road. Regardless, you know you’re not healthy, and are getting worse, and you’ve decided to make some changes in your life, your goals are pretty simple: you want to live better, be healthier, live longer, simply be more alive. But where do you start?

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a healthcare discipline that treats the cause of disease, it focuses on the body as a whole and looks to restore the body’s ability to function efficiently and properly.  So what does that really mean? It means we don’t trade one set of symptoms for another by giving you a toxic medication which overrides you body’s function instead of repairing it.  The treatments we use are powerful and effective, and they are natural! There is no chemistry set in nature and we don’t intend to make one inside your body. We’re long past the days where the “pill for every ill” fantasy has been dispelled.  Decades and decades of massively increasing prescriptions have left us sicker than ever.  We lead the world in prescriptions per person, but rank 37th in overall health.  It is time for a change and that change is Functional Medicine.  And I’m not alone.  Functional Medicine is now being practiced at places like the Mayo clinic and the Cleveland clinic.  Most traditional doctors practice “this for that” medicine, meaning they find out you have “that” condition or complaint and give you “this” medication for it.  You have fatigue – take this stimulant, or you can’t sleep – take this sleeping pill.  This process does not involve any diagnostic evaluation or address the cause of the problem.  It often only temporarily relieves some symptoms while allowing the underlying cause of the problem to continue.

Transform Yourself

The first step, the real first step to restoring your health and living the life you want, is to realize that the doctor you need is inside of you. Health is not something you can buy or that someone can prescribe for you.  True health exists as the entirety of what you do, the way you live your life. If you want to be healthy, not stuck with an ever expanding list of medications, you’ll have to start by looking in the mirror. We now know that lifestyle factors are the single biggest cause of illness in the U.S. today. the top 3 killers in the country are preventable to a large extent. 1. Heart disease– 615,000 2. Cancer– 591,000 3. Medical mistakes– 210,000-400,000. Prevention is the key, and it’s largely up to you.  It’s up to you to first decide to make some changes and then to actually make them.  We are dedicated to helping you along the way.

Dr. Marian and his staff specialize in helping people with conditions like these:


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Acid Reflux, Leaky Gut, Food Intolerances, C-DIFF

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypo Thyroid

Adrenal, Thyroid, Sex Hormones

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Brain Fog, PMS, ADD, Hyperactivity, PTSD

Chronic Headaches and Migraines


Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis


Parasites, Tick-Borne Pathogens,
Epstein-Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus


Metal and Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chemical, Mold


General Joint & Body Pain Syndromes


Chiropractic Care & Massage


We work with people all over the country and are passionate about bridging the best, safest and most  effective healthcare with rock solid science.

Our Approach:

During your initial consultation, we will conduct a detailed personal and family health history and make recommendations for lab tests that are appropriate for your specific health issues.  Through targeted lab testing that you can do in the privacy of your own home, Dr. Marian is able to assess how each system is working and design an individualized program to rebalance your body. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to care.  We dedicate ourselves to giving you the best care possible.

Objective Diagnostic Testing
We don’t guess about your health.  We give you answers that are based on the best science and specific lab testing.

Treats Root Causes
We don’t treat diseases.  What caused your health problem is what we’re interested in.

Non-Drug Approach
We never prescribe drugs as part of a patient’s treatment. We will educate you about your drugs, but leave decisions about taking them up to you and your medical doctor.

Nutrition Based
Treatment recommendations consist of lifestyle, diet and specific nutrients and supplements based upon objective testing.

Personal Care
Our patients are treated with kindness, compassion, respect and honesty. Besides helping our patients physically, we want to bring a little joy into their lives.

Individualized Treatment Plan
No two people are the same.  No two treatment plans are the same.  Our patients get the treatment that is best for them.

Addresses Total Body Systems
Everything is connected.  We take into account emotions, diet, lifestyle and all of the body systems when working with a patient.

Focuses on Long-Term Healing & Health
Finding the underlying problems that are causing your symptoms will help in the short term, but the goal is to get our patients truly healthy so they live a long happy and healthy life.


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