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Functional Medicine Mayo Clinic Study

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I wanted to to start today’s blog post by congratulating my Functional Medicine mentor, Dr. Daniel Kalish, on the successful publishing of the first clinical study of Functional Medicine protocols in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic. Although the acceptance and use of Functional Medicine is spreading quickly this is the first time a study on specific protocols we use in office has been completed with a major and prestigious medical institution.Below is a link to the press release for the study:

“So, what does all this mean to me?!” you may be asking yourself. Well, let us look at the design and findings of the study. The 28-week study assessed the effectiveness of a specific functional medicine approach for improving stress, energy, fatigue, digestive issues and quality of life in middle-aged women exposed to high-stress work environments. These are women who lead busy and high stress lifestyles and just generally felt unwell. Many of them were juggling both the demands of career and family and had little time for proper self care. Over time the hormonal stress response of their body had become dysfunctional leading to inflammation, fatigue, immune issues, and poor digestion. The taxing effect of the stress on the body and the subsequent immune suppression leaves the digestive tract vulnerable to opportunistic infections. At the conclusion of the study the stress hormones were remeasured and digestive tracts were checked for infections. Not only had hormonal function normalized in almost all of the women, but there was a 90% clear rate for infection. Clear improvements in energy, mood, concentration, and stress were all measured using various metrics as follows:

A 38 percent average decrease in fatigue, which was measured through a Profiles of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire
A 27 percent average decrease in stress, calculated through the Visual Analog Scale (VAS)
An increase in vitality by an average of 39 percent, calculated through the SF-36 quality of life questionnaire
A 22 percent average decrease in confusion, measured through a POMS questionnaire
Reduction in H. pylori infections, which can be associated with chronic inflammation and digestive symptoms
I think we could all use a 38% decrease in fatigue and a 39% increase in vitality! I want to stress that these are the exact same protocols used in my clinic everyday. The Mayo clinic used the same lab companies, the exact same protocols based on those labs, and the same supplements and dosing that we offer here at Vital Health and Body. Dr. Kalish reviewed all the labs and created all the treatment plans for the study. So, if you or a loved one is suffering from the grinding effects of our busy daily lives realize that you can do something about it. We now have the data to prove it! Call or email our clinic today and let’s start restoring your health and vitality. We all deserve to feel and perform our best!

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